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#+TITLE: FG42 Development
#+AUTHOR: Sameer Rahmani
#+SEQ_TODO: TODO(t/!) NEXT(n/!) BLOCKED(b@/!) | DONE(d%) WONT_DO(c@/!) FAILED(f@/!)
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This document is dedicated to the resources, TODOs, research summary, ideas and whatever that is
part of the development process.
* Development Goals
In the past we tried many different ideas and features but since we didn't have a clear goal set,
we couldn't really make it work and differentiate good ideas from bad ones.
** Who are the target audience?
On the first level, I should feel comfortable with it.
** What set of features are important to us?
* Tools
** Straight
We gave it a shot before and it didn't work out but our requirements were different back then.
We should give it a shot again
* Libraries
** Midnight mode
It's a cool library that run some action every midnight, we can use it to clean up old buffers
or other maintenance jobs
* Tasks
** TODO =fpkg/use= doesn't work with =:init=
** TODO Add a =:default= key to the cube indicating whether it should be enabled by default or not
** TODO Reformat the modeline
** TODO Create a macro similar to =with-ability= to run a block of code only if the given cube was active
** TODO Enable =straight= and =use-package= integration on compile time. Checout out =fpkg/core.el=
** TODO Check the =dracula= theme settings and configurations
** TODO Add support for MacOS by create a cube with the following content
#+BEGIN_SRC elisp
(package-install 'exec-path-from-shell)
** TODO Integrate window-purpose mode
** TODO Turn on yasnippet mode for Go mode
* Things that didn't work out
- rbenv
- helm
- linum
- tabbar
- ido
- ivy
- spaceline
- doom-modeline
- smart-mode-line
- desktop-mode
- jedi
- file-browser
- dired+
- guru
- emoji
- elpy
- github
- versioned-backup