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FG42 Development

This document is dedicated to the resources, TODOs, research summary, ideas and whatever that is part of the development process.

Development Goals

In the past we tried many different ideas and features but since we didn't have a clear goal set, we couldn't really make it work and differentiate good ideas from bad ones.

Who are the target audience?

On the first level, I should feel comfortable with it.

What set of features are important to us?



We gave it a shot before and it didn't work out but our requirements were different back then. We should give it a shot again


Midnight mode

It's a cool library that run some action every midnight, we can use it to clean up old buffers or other maintenance jobs


TODO fpkg/use doesn't work with :init

TODO Add a :default key to the cube indicating whether it should be enabled by default or not

TODO Reformat the modeline

TODO Create a macro similar to with-ability to run a block of code only if the given cube was active

TODO Enable straight and use-package integration on compile time. Checout out fpkg/core.el

TODO Check the dracula theme settings and configurations

TODO Add support for MacOS by create a cube with the following content

(package-install 'exec-path-from-shell)

TODO Integrate window-purpose mode

TODO Turn on yasnippet mode for Go mode

Things that didn't work out

  • rbenv
  • helm
  • linum
  • tabbar
  • ido
  • ivy
  • spaceline
  • doom-modeline
  • smart-mode-line
  • desktop-mode
  • jedi
  • file-browser
  • dired+
  • guru
  • emoji
  • elpy
  • github
  • versioned-backup