My personal blog
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{;; Incise allows the specification of arbitrary key values in this file. It is
;; up to individual extensions to use them or not though some are used by
;; incise's core components.
;; Used by transformers provided by incise to fill in the title tag of generated
;; pages.
:site-title "My Personal Blog"
;; Used by some transformers to place the authors name in footer and possibly
;; elsewhere.
:author "Niloofar"
;; This option is used by core incise functions to determine where to find
;; source files to dispatch to incise parsers.
:in-dir "resources/content"
;; This option is used by most parsers to determine where to write a file.
;; Incise assumes parsers only write files in this directory.
:out-dir "resources/public"
;; This map will have meta maps from a parsed files merged into it.
:parse-defaults {:transformers [:html-skeleton-layout]}
;; Specify the root where the deployed or onced website will be served from.
;; This is particularly useful for github pages deploys. Default is "". Which
;; indicates that the root of your website is deployed at the root of a domain.
;; The incise website is deployed at For it the
;; uri-root is "incise"
:uri-root ""
;; Deploy specific configuration
:deploy {;; Specify the name of the deploy workflow to be used in this project
:workflow :git-branch
;; The following config options are specific to the git-branch
;; deployer.
;; The name of the orphaned branch to create and use for generated
;; content.
:branch "gh-pages" ;; This is also the default value.
;; Commit after compiling into the specified branch? If not you will
;; have to commit yourself.
:commit true
;; Push after commiting?
:push true}}