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This is a clone of `rust-impl` branch of the main Serene repo. This implementation has been abandoned due to technical reason around the LLVM C API and rust integration.
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Sameer Rahmani cff76ac5a5 Moving the eval function to the core module 2 years ago
bootstrap Moving the eval function to the core module 2 years ago
docs/examples Create 'def' special form to define global value ( not functions at the moment ) 2 years ago
.gitignore Fix the compiler ns to have a very basic Compiler struct 2 years ago
.rusty-hook.toml Move current implementation to the 'bootstrap' directory 2 years ago
LICENSE Make Serene GPLv2 compatible 2 years ago
Makefile Print debug data of reader and evaluator on the rep 2 years ago Update with more resources 2 years ago