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Sameer Rahmani 2 years ago
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@ -256,23 +256,6 @@ Not pages." @@ -256,23 +256,6 @@ Not pages."
(setf org-html-link-home "")
(setf org-html-scripts "")
;; (org-babel-do-load-languages
;; 'org-babel-load-languages
;; '(
;; (emacs-lisp . t)
;; (org . t)
;; (shell . t)
;; (C . t)
;; (python . t)
;; (clojure .t)
;; (lisp . t)
;; (js . t)
;; (awk . t)))
;; ;; Never export the code block evaluation
;; (setq org-babel-default-header-args '((:eval . "never-export")))
;; (setq org-src-fontify-natively t)
(let ((build-dir (from-root "/build/"))
(base-url (if (prod-p) "" "http://localhost:3003")))
(copy-template (from-root "/templates/")


@ -0,0 +1,31 @@ @@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
#+SETUPFILE: ../../
#+TAGS: Physics(p) Thoughts(t) Astrophysics(a)
#+DATE: 2021-04-04
#+TITLE: Beyond the big bang
#+DESC: My random thoughts on before the big bang
#+INCLUDE: ../../
*** I was thinking ... :Physics:Thoughts:Astrophysics:
Today, [[][Pouya]] and I were talking randomly about the Doppler Effect on light and whether it causes
color shift or not (Spoiler alert, [[][it does]]) and how the universe was before the big bang.
After our discussion and during my workout and the post workout shower I couldn't stop thinking
about the universe before the big bang. What if the big bang is just another event in the universe,
a big big one, some thing that makes an ultra nova like zit pop in the scale of the universe ?
I mean what if there are more galaxies an objects in the universe, way way further out from the visible
universe of the stuff resulted from the big bang ? what if their gravitational forces are the reason
the universe as we know it is expanding ? If such entities exist, how they came to exist ? Do they
follow the same principles as our universe ? What a sec, is that the multiverse with no boundaries ?
Some people believe that the universe is on the surface of sphere, which means one day the light from out
own past will reach us by cycling around the giant sphere. In that case what makes the inside of the sphere ?
Who says that the universe has to have only 4 dimensions ? Many theories suggest higher dimensions. What if
the big bang is just a big big event in our visible dimensions which gave birth to our world but the universe
used to exist in other dimensions ? What if the dark energy is in fact the gravitational pull caused by entities
in other dimensions which we can't see. What if the vacuum effect in the quantum field theory is the ripples
made from event or objects in other dimensions ????
Well I just stood in the shower under the downfall of hot water and lost into my thoughts till the water started
to get cold and ruined my chain of thoughts :)).


@ -0,0 +1,27 @@ @@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
#+SETUPFILE: ../../
#+TAGS: Physics(p) Thoughts(t)
#+DATE: 2021-03-16
#+TITLE: Dark matter and other life forms
#+DESC: My random thoughts on dark matter
#+INCLUDE: ../../
*** I was thinking ... :Physics:Thoughts:
about dark matter a bit earlier today. We know that the ordinary matter counts for
~5% of the mass of the universe and the rest is kinda on dark matter's shoulders. It doesn't
interact with light and in our knowledge almost with anything else as well yet it's there and
it's massive. We know that neutrinos which are very weakly interacting, electrically neutral particles
are part of the entity or thing that we call the "dark matter". But since it has very little mass
it would only take a relatively small amount of mass to account for all the dark matter out there.
Anyway, I was thinking that we exist because of the asymmetry of matter and anit-matter and the
matter that creates us and the entire 4.5 billion years history of the earth is just about 5% of the
universe. Galaxies that look like a disk to us in fact are more like spheres that the rest of the sphere
is fill with the dark matter. What if the rest of a galaxy that we can't see is no just random dark
matter, I mean what if there are more to a galaxy rather that the starts that we see? what if there are
planetary systems made out of the dark matter ? What if these planetary systems grew their own life form
via evolution? A life form that doesn't interact with ordinary matter (ordinary to us) and light ?
How they might be ? How we might ever learn about them ?
"As always these thoughts baffles me. I have to look into it."


@ -0,0 +1,69 @@ @@ -0,0 +1,69 @@
#+SETUPFILE: ../../
#+TAGS: Life(l) Health(h)
#+DATE: 2013-10-29
#+TITLE: Fatty Liver
#+DESC: My findings on a fatty liver
*Disclaimer*: In no way, I'm an expert in medicine or medical science. I wrote this informal essay based
on my research in order to help myself. Read it with a grain of salt. Consult a doctor and do you own research
as well.
This post has survived several rewrites of my website. Sadly, I've lost the references for my research.
Years ago I used to be a professional basketball player, playing as a point guard. Some day, I broke my foot
in a match and I had to stay home for about 6 month. Back then, I thought eating more food equals to a
faster recovery from my injury ( Yeah I know I was young ). Before the injury, I was about 73Kg, and
after, I turned into a 117Kg ( Wow I knooww) monster.
Long story short afterward I tried really hard to lose weight, I couldn't lose a considerable amount of weight.
As may most of you experienced before, might lose weight in while we're on a diet, but the lost weight will find
its way back when the diet finishes.
After 3 years of that incident, I started *Kyokushin Karate*, one of the most brutal, heavy and tough sports
possible. Also I was in a diet most of the time. I lost weight a lot but as soon as I ended the diet, I
gained that lost weight again. I always was curious why is that ? Why as soon as I end the diet I gain weight
again even though I'm trying really hard. A week ago I found out the truth behind this problem.The liver,
is the most important body part responsible for storing extra energy of food as fat, and burn fat and
produce energy when body needs it. In this era, when people eat fast foods, breath poisonous air pollution
instead of clean air and lots of other reasons, Most of us are suffering from a fatty liver in different
levels. A fatty liver can't do its job perfectly, So it can't burn fat correctly and that's because
after a diet people gains weight again. No matter how hard they try.
* OK, now what's can we do ? :Life:Health:
First of all, physical workout and training is very helpful for your liver and help you burn more fat.
Second of all fatty liver have much more fat stored in its cells which causes huge damage to the liver.
In order to heal the damaged cells, there are several drugs and medicines which you should take, For example:
- Vitamin E
- Selenium
- Betaine
- Metformin
- Rosiglitazone
- Pioglitazone
Using these medicines we can easily heal our liver cells within a 3 month period. Also there is an other
material which has a really incredible effect. [[][Silybum marianum]] is a kinda rare plant which grows mostly in
dry places. Silybum marianum is one of the well known rich sources for milk thistle.
Research suggests that milk thistle extracts both prevents and repairs damage to the liver from toluene and/or
xylene. Workers who had been exposed to vapors from toluene and/or xylene for 5–20 years were given either
a standardized milk thistle extract (80% silymarin) or placebo for 30 days. The workers took the milk thistle
extract, showed significant improvement in their liver function tests (ALT and AST) and platelet counts vs
the placebo group.
LiverGol is a commercial supplement which contains a great deal of Silybum marianum. There isn't any known
side effect for this supplement[fn:1][fn:2]. I easily healed my liver using.
I tried to summarize everything and avoid blabbing, So long story short the key to a successful diet
is to have a healthy liver.
[fn:1] At least I couldn't find any side effect.
[fn:2] I don't have any affiliation with the company behind LiverGol.


@ -0,0 +1,81 @@ @@ -0,0 +1,81 @@
#+SETUPFILE: ../../
#+TAGS: Serene Languages
#+CATEGORY: Engineering
#+DATE: 2021-04-13
#+TITLE: Serene on the LLVM
#+DESC: The rational behind Serene
As you may know, I'm trying to build [[./][my new programming language]], after a ton of study and many experiments, I finally made
the decision on what platform I'll target for *Serene*. Here are the history and the
rational behind this decision.
* A little bit of history :Languages:Serene:
After the initial effort on [[./][choosing the right platform]]. I studied a bit about the
GraalVM and experiment with it. While it's a nice tool and I see a bright future for
it, I wasn't happy with some aspects of it. The most important one being the fact
that Oracle is behind it (Why? Well, don't open that door :D) and some other technical
reasons which I get to them later. So I looked around again and re-evaluated my
choices. I came across the [[][LLVM]]. Previously I didn't pay much attention to the LLVM because
I was blinded by the *GraalVM* and the fact the both work the same theoretically. I mean
using both, we need to create the compiler frontend and they would take care of the
backend for us (more or less). Initially, one of the reasons why I've picked the *GraalVM*
over *LLVM* was due to its support for the *LLVM* itself, and it seemed obvious that
later on we can bridge the LLVM world to *Serene*'s world via *GraalVM*. But It was
quite the opposite.
This time, I looked into the *LLVM* more thoroughly and boy I was (still am) Impressed,
well designed tools and libraries to build a compiler. In compare to the *GraalVM* it
is very mature, well documented and quite modular. Aaand using the *LLVM* I still can
use *GraalVM* via its support for LLVM IR. Long story short the more I've read
about *LLVM* the more I got obsessed with it. So I've decide to move away from *GraalVM*
and start playing with *LLVM*.
* The challenge of the language again
With moving away from the *GraalVM*, I had to choose a host language again. While the
official language of the **LLVM* is *C++* I tried to avoid it, since I'm not skilled
enough in *C++*, So after a series of experiments (which all of them are available
in dedicated branches on the repo) I tried, *Rust*, *C*, *C++* (First attempt) and *Golang*.
I wrote the parser and an interpreter as an experiment and also to evaluate the
facilities of the language when it comes to working with the **LLVM API**. After many
iterations, I ended up using *Golang* to create an interpreter with a *FFI* interface
so we can write the compiler in *Serene* itself.
At the same time I started a journey into mathematics to learn more about the
different type systems in theory and different options that we might have for *Serene*
(I'll write about that separately in the future). Most of my day went to my studies
and I felt really good. But I always had a voice in my head that kept bugging me about
[[][MLIR]]. I kinda watched a few introductory talks on it before and I had a rough idea
about what it is and what it does. In order to shut that voice up, I've decided to
look it up and read more about it, while I'm blocked by my math study and to my surprise,
it totally blew me away. MLIR is such a brilliant tool, made out of the experience
gained in making several languages and compilers, and follows some conventional and
well designed principles to build intermediate representation languages.
After I read more and more about the *MLIR* which by the way it's a sub project
of the *LLVM*, I still firmly believed that using *Golang* with should create
an interpreter as a bootstrap language an then provide a FFI interface via
the interpreter to use *MLIR*'s *C API* to interact with it. How naive I was.
During the course of my study on *MLIR*, I came across a beautiful thing called
[[][TableGen]]. It's part of the LLVM and designed to generate *C++* based on some
description in general. It's a generic tool which developers write backends
for, in order to generate code for specific purposes and in the case of
*MLIR* to generate IR [[][dialects]]. The way MLIR utilizes the TableGen to generate
dialects and a majority of the operations and types is truly amazing. It makes
the cumbersome task of making a multi-layer IR quite straightforward. *MLIR*
singlehandedly changed my mind about the approach I want to take to build
the compiler. All of a sudden *C++* seemed like a reliable option. So I've
decided to give it a go. I revived the old C++ branch, forked into a branch
called =mlir= and started to work with it a bit. Made a prototype and enhanced it.
After a lot of consideration I finally decided to merge the =mlir= branch into the
=master= and move the *Golang* implementation into its own branch =golang-impl=.
I'm cleaning up the C++ implementation at the moment and I'll be adding a semantic
analysis phase to the compiler and I'll be aiming for a minimal lambda calculus
implementation to wire up everything in their most minimal state as the foundation
and build upon it.
Also I'll write another essay dedicated to the technical aspects of why LLVM and
MLIR are great for our use cases in more detail.


@ -17,9 +17,12 @@ with me via email (check my [[./][GPG]] info page). If you have a questio @@ -17,9 +17,12 @@ with me via email (check my [[./][GPG]] info page). If you have a questio
in the [[./][FAQs]] page.
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@ -1,5 +1,11 @@ @@ -1,5 +1,11 @@
#+TITLE: lxsameer's nest
- [[file:essays/][Serene on the LLVM]]
- [[file:tags/][Astrophysics]]
- [[file:essays/][Beyond the big bang]]
- [[file:tags/][Thoughts]]
- [[file:tags/][Physics]]
- [[file:essays/][Dark matter and other life forms]]
- [[file:categories/][Life]]
- [[file:tags/][Life]]
- [[file:tags/][Health]]


@ -0,0 +1,7 @@ @@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
I think a lot when I have a bit of time to spare. I like to write them down and
research about them if possible. These are just my thoughts, wrong or right, doesn't
matter. It doesn't matter, I think a lot...
This post is a part of my thoughts series.