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Beyond the big bang

I was thinking …   Physics Thoughts Astrophysics

Today, Pouya and I were talking randomly about the Doppler Effect on light and whether it causes color shift or not (Spoiler alert, it does) and how the universe was before the big bang.

After our discussion and during my workout and the post workout shower I couldn't stop thinking about the universe before the big bang. What if the big bang is just another event in the universe, a big big one, some thing that makes an ultra nova like zit pop in the scale of the universe ? I mean what if there are more galaxies an objects in the universe, way way further out from the visible universe of the stuff resulted from the big bang ? what if their gravitational forces are the reason the universe as we know it is expanding ? If such entities exist, how they came to exist ? Do they follow the same principles as our universe ? What a sec, is that the multiverse with no boundaries ?

Some people believe that the universe is on the surface of sphere, which means one day the light from out own past will reach us by cycling around the giant sphere. In that case what makes the inside of the sphere ?

Who says that the universe has to have only 4 dimensions ? Many theories suggest higher dimensions. What if the big bang is just a big big event in our visible dimensions which gave birth to our world but the universe used to exist in other dimensions ? What if the dark energy is in fact the gravitational pull caused by entities in other dimensions which we can't see. What if the vacuum effect in the quantum field theory is the ripples made from event or objects in other dimensions ????

Well I just stood in the shower under the downfall of hot water and lost into my thoughts till the water started to get cold and ruined my chain of thoughts :)).