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Dark matter and other life forms

I was thinking …   Physics Thoughts

about dark matter a bit earlier today. We know that the ordinary matter counts for ~5% of the mass of the universe and the rest is kinda on dark matter's shoulders. It doesn't interact with light and in our knowledge almost with anything else as well yet it's there and it's massive. We know that neutrinos which are very weakly interacting, electrically neutral particles are part of the entity or thing that we call the "dark matter". But since it has very little mass it would only take a relatively small amount of mass to account for all the dark matter out there.

Anyway, I was thinking that we exist because of the asymmetry of matter and anit-matter and the matter that creates us and the entire 4.5 billion years history of the earth is just about 5% of the universe. Galaxies that look like a disk to us in fact are more like spheres that the rest of the sphere is fill with the dark matter. What if the rest of a galaxy that we can't see is no just random dark matter, I mean what if there are more to a galaxy rather that the starts that we see? what if there are planetary systems made out of the dark matter ? What if these planetary systems grew their own life form via evolution? A life form that doesn't interact with ordinary matter (ordinary to us) and light ? How they might be ? How we might ever learn about them ?

"As always these thoughts baffles me. I have to look into it."