Yet another Lisp. This time on LLVM.
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Sameer Rahmani 3904d6ef74 Fix couple of linting problems 1 year ago
bootstrap Fix couple of linting problems 1 year ago
docs/examples Create 'def' special form to define global value ( not functions at the moment ) 2 years ago
site [Website] Add the deploy script to deploy the website 2 years ago
.gitignore [Website] Add site/public to the gitignore 2 years ago
Jenkinsfile Change the Jenkins agent type to any 1 year ago
LICENSE Make Serene GPLv2 compatible 2 years ago
Makefile Fix the build script to compile the bootstrap in a container 1 year ago Update the TOC of 2 years ago Record the caller details in the stack frame 2 years ago

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