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Anti-matter and time

I was thinking …   Physics Thoughts

Since Positron has a negative energy according to Dirac and it can be interpreted as an Electron going back in time, what would happen to the entropy of a system made out of anti-matter?

Positron is the counterpart or the anti-particle of Electron, it has the same mass but the opposite electric charge and negative energy. According to Feynman we can think of Positron as an Electron moving backward in time. Or we can think that Electron and Positron are the same thing, an Electron that is bouncing forward in time and backward again. Bouncing between an Electron and Positron characteristics. Anyway, according to the general relativity, time is relative and not absolute and two observers of the same phenomena might have different perception of time relative to their state in spacetime. But another way of thinking about time in my head is entropy. According to the second law of thermodynamics entropy of system increase overtime (to put it simply). Therefore, future is the time with more entropy than today or simply the movement vector of time is in the same direction as the entropy vector in our perception of time.

So, If Positron is moving back in time, does it mean that Positron's relative vector of time is pointing the opposite direction of the entropy vector thus, entropy decreases relative to Positron's time ??? If there's a universe made out of anti-matter, would it be just the past relative to present of our matter based universe ???

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